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Lixing Yuanya
Rational nature basic elegance 1

Table of Contents

-- Zhang Tingyu prefatory comments (VIII/173)
-- (see Caoman Yin; VIII/178)
--   Tuning strings method for 5 string qin using the 5th and 7th strings as the standard
--   Tuning strings method for 7 string qin using the 7th and 4th strings as the standard
--   Tuning strings method for 9 string qin using the 9th and 6th strings as the standard
-- What must be known about playing qin (VIII/178)
-- What must be known in choosing what to do (VIII/179)
-- Discourse about changing gong on the seven strings (VIII/179)
-- Discourse about three qins from beginning to end (VIII/180)
-- Five tones and 12 modes as they correspond to strings (VIII/181)
-- Fingering methods (Right and Left, VIII/182 & 184)
-- Table of Contents (VIII/185)

   (Note: All melodies have lyrics)

    Folio One

    Melodies for seven string qin

    本調宮音 Standard tuning gong mode

  1. Meihua Sannong (11; VIII/189)
    Melody related to
    SQMP version
  2. Jiu Kuang (7; VIII/194)
    Related to
    SQMP version melody
  3. Yang Chun (15; VIII/196)
    Related to
    1539 version but melody and lyrics very different
  4. Lu Ming (3; VIII/202)
    First of 6 but unrelated to later ones, from 1745 to 1910
  5. Haohao Ge (3; VIII/203)

    本調商音 Standard tuning shang mode

  6. Tengwang Ge Fu (14; VIII/204)
  7. Kechuang Yehua (10; VIII/209)
    1511, which has lyrics
  8. Fusheng Cao (5; VIII/213)
    1511 Yasheng Cao; here "大哉顏回" begins Section 2

    Folio Two

  9. Yuan He Shuang Qing (12; VIII/215)
    1511 Shuang Qing Zhuan
  10. Bai Xue (9; VIII/220)
  11. Guiqulai Ce (6; VIII/222)
  12. Shitan Zhang (VIII/224)
  13. Du Jiangjun Ge (6; VIII/228)
    Only here
  14. Xiangfei Yuan (4; VIII/230)

    本調角音 Standard tuning jiao mode

  15. Liezi Yu Feng (10; VIII/232)
  16. Qiusheng Fu (7; VIII/236)
    1589, etc.
  17. 風雲會四朝元 Feng Yun Hui Si Chao Yuan (4; VIII/238)
    Table of contents (and Zha Guide) give the title only as Si Chao Yuan;
    Only here; lyrics are from the opera 琵琶記 Pipa Ji
  18. Ba Jiu Wen Yue (2; VIII/241)
    Only here; lyrics by Li Bai

    本調徴音 Standard tuning zhi mode

  19. Yu Qiao Wenda (12; VIII/242)
    1559, etc.
  20. Guan Ju (10; VIII/246)
  21. Xing Tan Yin (1; VIII/249)
    1525, etc.

    本調羽音 Standard tuning yu mode

  22. Han Gong Qiu Yue (10; VIII/250)
    1525, etc.
  23. Shuilong Yin (2; VIII/253)
  24. Feng Qiu Huang (1; VIII/254)
    Compare from
    1539 Wenjun Cao
  25. Xiangsi Qu (1; VIII/255)
    1585; same as Japan

    Folio Three

    別調七絃 Non-standard tunings, seven-string qin
    (24 melodies in 20 non-standard tunings;
    further comment under the Xilutang Qintong chart)

  26. 慢宮 Mangong ("lower 1, 3, 6; same as 夷則 [same as 1525 yize, 南呂 nanlü"; VIII/256)
      猗蘭操 Yilan Cao (2 sections, titled)
    Section 1 lyrics as 1511 and Japan; Section 2 lyrics: 曄曄秋蘭,孤無俗態....(source not identified)
  27. 黃鐘 Huangzhong ("raise 5, lower 1" [same as 1525 wuyi, #32 dalü]; VIII/257)
      昭君怨 Zhaojun Yuan (compare in 1425; 8T)
  28. Again Huangzhong (same tuning as previous; VIII/261)
      前赤壁賦 Qian Chibi Fu (
    compare in 1511; 11)
  29. 姑洗 Guxian ("raise 2, 5, 7; same as 夾鍾 jiazhong, 清商 qingshang" [same as 1525 guxian] ; VIII/264)
      有回行 You Hui Xing (5; only here)
  30. 蕤賓 Ruibin ("raise 1" [same as 1525 ruibin]; VIII/266)
      秋鴻 Qiu Hong (36; compare guxian in 1425!)
  31. 無射 Wuyi ("lower 1, 2" [melody tends to avoid these 2 strings!]; VIII/277)
      梅花十五弄 Mei Hua Shiwu Nong (
    q.v.; unrelated to other Meihua; 15T)
  32. 大呂 Dalü ("raise 5, lower 1; 如黃鍾但" [same as #27 Huangzhong; again as 1525 wuyi]); VIII/280)
      三癖操 San Pi Cao (3; "three cravings": 馬、錢、傳); only here; "噫。馬癖兮,胡不為....")
  33. 慢商 Manshang ("lower 1, 3"; same as 1525 yunü; VIII/281)
      結客少年塲 Jie Ke Shaonian Chang (3; only here; "有田磽角,有馬齧蹄....")
  34. 慢角 Manjiao ("lower 3, 6" [same as 1525 wumei; compare wumei below]; VIII/282)
      將進酒 Jiang Jin Jiu (2; only here; "君不見,古來山水絕勝清涼寺,...."; compare He Zhu “城下路,凄风露,今人犁田古人墓。....")
  35. 清角 Qing Jiao ("lower 1, 6, raise 3"; VIII/283)
      妾薄命 Qie Bo Ming (4; by 張子 Zhang Zi;
    only here)
  36. 清徵 Qingzhi ("raise 4, lower 5"; VIII/285)
    Cha Ge (4; only here; Tea Song [only qin tune about tea])
  37. 慢羽 Manyu ("lower 5"; VIII/286)
      過義士橋 Guo Yishi Qiao (2;
    only here)
  38. 清羽 Qingyu ("raise 2, 4"; VIII/287)
      手挽長河行 Shouwan Chang He Xing (4;
    only here)
  39. 側羽 Ceyu ("raise 7"; VIII/290)
      飲中八仙歌 Yinzhong Baxian Ge (2; lyrics are Du Fu's
    Song of the Eight Drinking Immortals; only here)
  40. 凄凉 Qiliang ("raise 2, 5"; as 1525; VIII/291)
      屈原問渡 Qu Yuan Wen Du (9)
  41. Again Qiliang (same tuning; VIII/294)
    Yangguan Sandie (3)
  42. Again Qiliang (same tuning; VIII/295)
      春江送別 Chunjiang Songbie (9; title
    only here and 1738, but it is actually a version of Yangguan Sandie)
  43. 碧玉 Biyu ("raise 3, 5, 7" [same as #49 below; compare 1525 and 1425]; VIII/298)
      陌上桑 Moshang Sang (3; only here and an unrelated 1597)
  44. 側蜀 Ceshu ("lower 3" [as 1525 huangzhong, etc.; VIII/300)
      醒心集 Xing Xin Ji (5; new version, with music unrelated to 1585; "窩雖小,清以寧....")
  45. 側楚 Cechu ("raise 7, lower 2"; VIII/302)
      孝順歌 Xiao Shun Ge (3;
    only here)
  46. 無媒 Wumei ("raise 2, 6"; VIII/304)
      白頭吟 Baitou Yin (4;
    only here; see details and compare Manjiao above)
  47. 清調 Qingdiao ("raise 5, 7"; VIII/305)
      Wang Mingjun Yin (3;
    only here)
  48. 離憂 Liyou ("lower 1, 2"; VIII/307 [reverses order with next])
      東飛伯勞歌 Dong Fei Bo Lao Ge (2;
    only here)
  49. 泉鳴 Quanming ("tighten 3, 5, 7" [same as #43 above]; VIII/308)
      相逢行 Xiang Feng Xing (2; only here)

    Folio Four (23 Melodies for five, nine and one string qin)

    Five string qin melodies
    (see as

  50. 關雎     Guan Ju (3; VIII/309)
    new version;
  51. 蓼莪     Lu E (6; VIII/311)
    Liao E?
    only here
  52. 襄陽歌 Xiangyang Ge (3; VIII/312)
    new version: only other one,
    1579, is diff, though the lyrics here can be sung there (VIII/312)
  53. 兵車行 Bing Che Xing (3; VIII/313)
    only here
  54. 風入松 Feng Ru Song (1; VIII/315)
    1511 diff.
  55. 獲麟解 Huo Lin Jie (3; VIII/316)
    only here
  56. 南薰歌 Nan Xun Ge (2; VIII/317)
    <1491 diff.
  57. 思親操 Si Qin Cao (1; VIII/318)
    1511 diff.
  58. 拘幽操 Ju You Cao (1; VIII/318)
    1511 diff.
  59. 西銘     Xi Ming (3; VIII/319)
    only here
  60. 履霜操 Lü Shuang Cao (1; VIII/320)
    1511 diff.
  61. 四愁詩 Si Chou Shi (4; VIII/321)
    Raise 5th, lower 1st strings; this title
    only here but the lyrics are elsewhere set to different music as Si Si Ge
  62. 漁父辭 Yu Fu Ci (4; VIII/323)
    Raise 2nd and 5th strings;
    only here

    Nine string qin melodies   First page of nine string qin tablature (expand)  
    (see Song Taizong)

  63. 前岀師表 Qian Chu Shi Biao (9; VIII/324)
    Only here and
    1585 (music seems diff.)
  64. 蜀道難 Shu Dao Nan (3; VIII/328)
    First of three; all use as lyrics Li Bai, The Road to Shu is Hard (噫噓嚱,危乎高哉!....), but with some variations
  65. 獨樂園 Du Le Yuan (3; VIII/330)
    Only here
  66. 胡笳十八拍 Hujia Shiba Pai (18; VIII/331)
    Lyrics like
    1597 but music diff.
  67. 按輿歌 Jie Yu Ge (2; VIII/338)
    only here

    One string qin melodies (further comment)   One-string qin tablature (expand)      
    See one-string qin images;
    Si Xian Cao (at right) is rather long, the other four very short)

  68. 思賢操 Si Xian Cao (7; VIII/339)
    Tablature at right; compare
    1511 Ya Sheng Cao
  69. 杏壇吟 Xing Tan Yin (1; VIII/342)
    Tablature (expanded); same lyrics as 1525 Xing Tan
  70. 浪淘沙 Lang Tao Sha (1; VIII/342)
    (Tune): 岀古詞府 Chu Gu Ci Fu (see
  71. 塞上曲 Sai Shang Qu (1; VIII/343)
    By 黃魯直 Huang Luzhi (Huang Tingjian: "十月北風燕草黃...."
  72. 水調歌頭 Shui Diao Ge Tou (1; VIII/343)
    1st of 4; preface; lyrics by Su Dongpo begin "明月幾時有...."

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 理性元雅 21475.37 only 理性; 1356 no 元雅.