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Guqin videos 1
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At present the videos available here are for a beginning qin lesson (depending on the computer setup, rather than left-clicking the link to play the selection it may be better to right-click it for downloading):

  1. Exercise 1: tiao open 7th, gou open 4th strings, etc.
    Important: always look at left hand; correct right hand position must become instinctive
  2. Exercise 2: tiao open 7th, gou 4th string stopped at 9th hui, etc.
    Left thumb presses down hard ("入木 enter wood")
  3. Exercise 3: Combine #1 and #2
    Play smoothly; note how sound changes depending on how close right hand is to bridge when plucking
  4. Exercise 4: tiao open 7th, gou open 5th strings, etc.
    Reminder: do not look at right hand
  5. Exercise 5: tiao open 7th, gou 5th string stopped at 10th hui, etc.
    Note that open 5th is paired with 11th hui on 3rd string.
  6. Exercise 6: Combine #4 and #5
    As #3
  7. Exercise 7: Caoman Yin of 1585, Section 1
    Strokes as above but last phrase has a mo 6 and a duiqi
  8. Exercise 8: Caoman Yin of 1585, Section 1 with lyrics
    "De Dao Xianweng: the Transcendent Venerable One who Attained the Dao", etc. Xianweng is Chen Tuan

There are also smaller .mov files here for Exercise 7 and Exercise 8. Video quality is somewhat lower; more dramatic is the lower sound quality.

In addition, I have made a few videos of short melodies:

  1. Xiang Fei Yuan (Lament of the Xiang River Concubines)
    From 1511: earliest version of Xiang Jiang Yuan
  2. Chun Gui Yuan (Spring Chamber Lament)
    From 1799?: earliest version of Yu Lou Chun Xiao

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Guqin videos
Most of the videos currently online here are .mp4 files with a size of about 30 MB per minute. Depending on the computer, it may be possible to play them simply by clicking on them, or it might be better first to download them onto a computer. To do this it may be easiest to go to the direct listing at http://www.silkqin.com/07play/video/ or in a subdirectory there.

2. Recording session
The above is a "snapshot" from a video made with a Flip Ultra. I began making these in November 2009, and am still experimenting with camera positions, etc. This particular recording was made with light from one standing lamp and one desk lamp. This should be improved with the use of an additional standing lamp.


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