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(Xinke) Faming Qinpu
(Newly Printed) Qin Handbook for Spreading Clarity (1530)

from Qinqu Jicheng, Vol. 1
by Zha Fuxi2

In the collection of the Beijing Library,3 a Ming dynasty print in two folios, (it was) edited in the Ming by Huang Longshan4 of Iyang.5 In front is his own preface dated 1530. After the preface are: a diagram of putting on strings, diagrams of the sort which show fingering used on the qin, an index of fingering for the left and right hand, then a list of the tablatures. Altogether there are 24 qin pieces.

In the early years of the Ming dynasty (1369-1644) the River-Right Qin Forum6 was very much flourishing, until Huang Longshan in the early Jiaqing period (1522-67), when the River-Right qin players seem to become fewer in number. Faming Qinpu has nine songs without lyrics -- Xiao Xiang (Shui Yun), Zhuang Zhou Meng Die, Bai Xue, Shen You Liuhe, Qiao Ge, Yu Hui Tushan, Da Ya, Wu Ye Ti and Meihua Sannong (4) -- plus 15 with lyrics.7

Inspecting these tablatures with lyrics, those pieces with the same name as pieces in Xie Lin Taigu Yiyin tend to have about the same lyrics, and the melodies are also approximately the same. This just shows clearly that the two volumes both represent a long-standing tradition.8

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 新刊發明琴譜 (Return)

2. 查阜西 Zha Fuxi; edited for publication by 吳釗 Wu Zhao Wu Zhao (Return)

3. 北京圖書館; still there? (Return)

4. Huang Longshan 黃龍山 (Return)

5. 弋陽 Yiyang is near 南昌 Nanchang in Jiangxi, but Huang Longshan's preface was "respectfully written while lodging at a pleasant hut in Nanjing". (Return)

6. 江右琴壇 "River Right" refers to Jiangxi province. For more on this see my comments (Return)

7. All are identical to the Shen Qi Mi Pu versions. (Return)

8. Those with lyrics can be grouped as follows:

Three first found in Shen Qi Mi Pu (SQMP, produced in Nanchang, 150 km to the west):
Zhaojun Yuan (Longshuo Cao), Chu Ge, Yi Lan;

Four first found in Zheyin Shizi Qinpu (Zheyin, before 1491; attributed to the grandson of the above):
Qu Yuan Wen Du, Guan Ju, Wen Wang Si Shun (Si Shun), Yangguan/Yangguan Sandie (two versions);

Four first found in Taigu Yiyin (Taigu, 1511; produced near Huangshan, 200 km northeast):
Si Xian Cao (Yasheng Cao), Gui Qu Ci (Gui Qu Lai Ci), Yuan He Shuang Qing, Kechuang Yehua;

Three with their earliest extant version here (1530):
Qiujiang Wan Diao, Sheng De Song, Shiba Xueshi Deng Yingzhou.

(See also the commentary) (Return)

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