Introduction to Guqin 款款琴音
by John Thompson 唐世璋
This is an Esplanade Presents programme.
DATE 29 SEP 2012, SAT
TIME 2pm
VENUE Bay Room

ENGLISH   |   中文
"Beautiful, supple and with great depth, John Thompson's Song and Ming Dynasty silk string guqin music is sound from heaven."
– Lau Shing Hon, film director and professor, Hong Kong

"Ancient, exquisite and sublime, his qin playing recreates a great realm of traditional Chinese culture."
– Wang Bu, Director, Music Conservatory of Hangzhou Normal University
This workshop is conducted by guqin musician and lecturer, John Thompson, who will guide participants to a fuller appreciation of the music, art and philosophy of the instrument. Participants will learn about the history of the guqin, showing why from antiquity it was China's most revered music instrument, with a show and tell segment that compares the various types of guqins, as well as live and recorded demonstrations of different playing styles.
John Thompson, the best-known performer of early music for the Chinese guqin silk string zither, has since 1976 personally reconstructed over 150 melodies from 15th- and 16th-century handbooks. From 1980 to 2000, while serving as artistic consultant to the Hong Kong Festival of Asian Arts, he performed throughout East Asia, publishing seven CDs of his musical reconstructions and four books of transcriptions. His website www.silkqin.com is also one of the most comprehensive English-language sites on guqin.